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About Wild Daisy Quilts

I’m Ken Grantham, owner, designer & chief quilter for Wild Daisy Quilts. My journey into sewing started at a young age as I watched my mother sew a variety of projects from fancy dresses to unique dolls. From watching her, I developed the passion for sewing which lead me to many years of sewing for others from designing wedding dresses, evening wear to custom home décor. My sewing philosophy is to try everything once.


As a sewer, I thought quilting was a little crazy, cutting fabric up into little bits than sewing it back together. I was encouraged to try quilting as a challenge, so I set out to make my first sampler quilt over 25 years ago with the Singer Quilting By Machine book and haven’t looked back since. This first taste of patchwork was the start on my obsession with quilting. I soon realized that quilts can create a feeling that you would never get from a garment. I say that they are quite a bit magical in a way, they can give comfort and warmth when someone in in need.


I started working at full time Atlantic Fabrics many years ago as Education Coordinator and instructor for sewing and home décor. The quilting came a little later, as they needed another instructor for quilting and my thought was, I would give it a try because it would be a new adventure. Even though I had only made two quilts I thought I could “wing it”. You know the saying “fake it till you make it” Now that many years have passed, I teach only quilting and love every minute of it.


My students say that I have a positive and enthusiastic outlook that gets them excited to start their projects. I always look to challenge my students and myself by seeking out new techniques or trends for classes.


Close to 12 years ago a new and exciting endeavor developed as I started long arm quilting at Atlantic Fabrics. It was great to get those student’s quilts finished and quilts in general, plus I got to explore machine quilting in another way. I have been fortunate enough to quilt thousands of quilts over the years and every quilt has a story. I now quilt full time from my studio.


My passion for designing quilts started shortly after I started quilting. With my position at Atlantic Fabrics I designed projects/patterns for other instructors, created many block of the month programs along with numerous quilt kits.  


Wild Daisy Designs started as a clothing company on Etsy in 2008. Then in 2016 it changed from Designs to Quilts and the pattern company started

as an outlet to get my quilt patterns out to all quilters. I just kept on with the name when I started long arm quilting as part of the business.

I encourage you to create something from fabric, could be a quilt, maybe a garment or home decor item.  You may find that you also have a life long passion for creating something that is one of a kind.

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