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Tips & FAQs

You don't need to layer your top, batt and backing, just have the three pieces pressed ready to go. If you have a top edge for the backing and quilt, make sure you indicate that edge. 

Turnaround time - usually 2 -3 weeks is what I strive for, but depending on the time of year that can change. I will always try to meet a deadline.

I usually trim the backing and batting flush with the edge of the quilt and return the usable back & batt. If you don't want it trimmed, please let me know.

Check to make sure your quilt top is flat and true.  If possible lay on a floor or a large surface to check that it lays flat. Some fullness can be eased in, but whenever possible you want flat.


Borders - I know that I have rushed to put on a border only to realize that they have fullness. Always find the average, cut the correct length for borders, and pin in place. Sometimes you need to ease in slightly. Measure your quilt edges with the quilt laying flat on a surface, don't lift the edges to measure. 


Make sure all of your seams are secure, especially the ones around the outside edges. You can even run a stitch 1/8” in from the outer edge


Check your batting. We all love the natural cotton batting, but they do show through on quilts with a white background. You may also find that a dark or black batting will really enrich a quilt with a lot of black or dark tones.


When choosing a backing, a dark backing can show through the batting and top. That can really spoil a quilt, so always audition your fabric together before sending in for quilting.


Press your top with care given to the seam allowances. That extra step can really make a difference on your finished quilt.

If your backing is heavily starched or dark, intense color then prewash it. You don’t want any surprises afterward.


Yes, I can use fleece, Minky, Cuddle or even a fleece blanket. These are especially nice on the back of lap quilts and baby quilts. Keep in mind that your backing needs to be larger than your quilt top, so tops should be no larger than 56 inches since most fleeces are 60”. If you are going with fleece, choose an anti-pill for best results.


Yes, you can piece your backing. I have done a number of quilts that really were reversible. Just keep your backing flat. The other thing to remember is if you want your top centered on the backing it can shift in the process.


Yes and No, sheets can be good backings sometimes, but the higher threads counts and some of the blended or poly sheets will not give the best results.

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